Watch 11 Basketball Players Do An Epic Dunk...In A Pool...For Turkish Airlines


In response to popular dunk videos, Turkish Airlines, with help from CP+B London, has created its own "epic pool dunk" for their sponsorship of the Euroleague Final Four. The 30-second TV spot, which was shot in one take, features a bunch of basketball players enjoying a pool party that then turns into an amazing 11-man pool dunk.

The ball makes its way around the pool through the hands of some of the biggest names in European basketball, before being hoisted 20 ft in the air by water jetpack and slammed into the hoop. With only a day to choreograph, rehearse and shoot and with the light fading, on take 22 the team finally managed to nail a perfect take.

Apparently epic pool dunk shots are a thing. The video has been viewed almost 1 million times in two days.

by Steve Hall    May- 8-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Video