This Plastic Surgery Ad Featuring Justin Bieber And Jennifer Lawrence Will Horrify You


Why do people do this? Why do they go to such great lengths to alter their looks when, in fact, all they're doing is making themselves look like inhuman freaks? Oh sure, a little nose job and breast augmentation here and there is fine but when you get plastic surgery because you want to look like Justin Bieber or or Jennifer Lawrence, there's a screw loose.

But if you're Pesky Sunder Plastic Surgery and your patients are a bunch of plastic types who have formed a musical groups called The Plastics to make a plastic surgery commercial then you just throw your arms up and say, "Fuck it. Bring it on." Otherwise YouTube would be filled with corporate product demo videos that could put an army of sugared-up kids to sleep on Halloween.

by Steve Hall    May-14-14   Click to Comment   
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