Reddit User Says 'Advertising Is A Joke'


Oh the amusement you can find on Reddit. One Reddit user, Tsja87, has offered up a rant that aims to tear down the very purpose of advertising calling it a pointless career choice.

He/She writes, "Is it just me, or can any idiot work in the advertising industry. Every advertisement is the same mostly, and I see no need for a company to hire creative to do something they could easily do themselves. Why do advertising agencies even exist? It requires no knowledge, and getting your degree in such a thing is absurd, my close friend is an advertising major at Baylor university, and my god, it's like their teaching common sense to people who don't have any. Sorry for posting this in this board, but some of have to feel the same way. I just finished watching the pitch on AMC, Jesus Christ, it ain't no mad men, but plenty of people trying to be, and apparently, that's all you need."

Predictably -- this being posted in an advertising sub Reddit, many are defending the profession with one commenter twisting things a bit and writing, "Basketball is a joke. All they do is throw a ball in a hoop and get paid millions. Any idiot can do that"

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by Steve Hall    May- 5-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Trends and Culture