It's Almost Like Patrick Dempsey Didn't Want to Be In This Beautyrest Ad


So we get a press release and it's all like "Given that the Beautyrest Black mattress fuses luxury and technology for the ultimate sleep performance, Simmons has tapped racing and auto performance aficionado Patrick Dempsey for the spring campaign."

And we're like, cool. We haven't seen McDreamy in a while. We wonder if he's still as ageless as ever. Well, we could hardly tell. Because he's hardly in the ad.

Aside from a couple of quick Dempsey shots, the spot, created by kbs+, is a mess of hyperboles, pontifications and desperate attempts to luxurify the notion of basic sleep.

As Meredith used to say, "Seriously?"

It's just a mattress.

by Steve Hall    May-12-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity