e.p.t. Has Fun With Saturday Night Live's CNN Pregnancy Test


Having some fun with Saturday Night Live's CNN Pregnancy Test bit, home pregnancy test brand e.p.t. is exploring the creation of a series of limited-edition pregnancy test sticks that interact with women just like their favorite news programs.

Of the sticks, Jennifer Moyer, vice president of marketing for Insight Pharmaceuticals, parent company of e.p.t. said, "We all saw SNL's sketch Saturday night announcing the new CNN Pregnancy Test, with its constant breaking alerts, even when there is no news to report. We think SNL has stumbled on a great idea, and we'd like to take it to the next level."

Moyer said the company already has "in development" a series of news-branded pregnancy test stick prototypes, including:

- An NPR stick that offers ongoing in-depth analysis of your pregnancy, with intermittent pledge drives
- An MSNBC stick that blames conservatives if you're unhappy with the result of your test, and credits liberals if you are pleased
- A FOX News stick that blames liberals if you're unhappy with the result, and credits conservatives if you are pleased
- A CBS Sunday Morning stick that always delivers a moment in nature before you receive your result
- A Daily Show stick that streams pregnancy jokes
- A Colbert Report stick that will expire some time in 2015 (pending more information from David Letterman)
- And a special legacy Walter Cronkite news stick that appends every result - positive or negative - with the signature signoff "And that's the way it is."

Hey, products branded with pop-up cultural phenomenon? Why not?

To be clear, these are not actual products yet. Just another marketing stunt.

by Steve Hall    Apr-17-14   Click to Comment   
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