Are You Baller Enough For This Agency Social Media Gig?


Although the word is never used in this Happiness Brussels recruitment effort for a social media creative, the video just screams "guru." With images of a posturing Christian Bale, a determined Steve Carell and a badass Jesse Eisenberg, interested viewers are encouraged to play Retweet Bingo.

The game replaces the traditional bingo card numbers by twitter influencers in various fields and to prove your social media prowess you must get your tweets re-tweeted by the likes of Le Soir, The Guardian or Barack Obama.

Of the efforts, Happiness Brussels Co-Creative Director Nick Eijsbouts says,"Anyone can sling cute messages into the world via social media, but if you get your audience to re-tweet via this bingo card, then you are really making a point. With ReTweet Bingo, we are on the hunt for the best social media influencers."

Or just annoying pieces of shit who will bug the crap out of public figures until they relent and retweet.

But anyway, if you manage to jump through these hoops, you will be awarded with a 6 month gig at the shop working on the likes of Toyota, Bacardi and Nivea. Oh and you'll be given a gold iPhone!

Those will actual social media management experience need not apply.

by Steve Hall    Apr-29-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies