Publisher Roundtable Brings Content Producers Together to Share Ideas & Experiences


There are millions of blogs on the Internet and countless sites that offer tips, tricks, and tutorials for optimizing your site and taking advantage of content marketing. The problem though is that there are so many of these sites that what's being recommended on one is being advocated against on another--there seems to be little to no consistency when it comes to best practices for blogging.

To combat this, VigLink, a content monetization company, and Netpop, a market research firm, have teamed to launch a new platform which aims to bring content producers together to share their personal insights and experiences to help fellow publishers get the most out of their site.

The site, launched last week, is called Publisher Roundtable and it was created as a place for bloggers and web content publishers to get together, collaborate, and share their tips and ideas for generating and maximizing revenue from their sites. The site provides an open community for bloggers and encourages the free flow of communications in order to improve overall traffic and conversions.

New users take part in a series of short online survey-style interviews to help identify the effective channels already in use to promote your site and reach your audience. The surveys are centered on SEO, SEM, and social media, and help identify the channels that are proving to be most effective for driving traffic and conversions for bloggers.

Publishers who participate in these initial surveys will gain access to data aimed at helping content creators make better-informed decisions around marketing, monetization, and content creation strategies.

Chek it out here.

by Steve Hall    Feb-18-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Weblogs