Old Navy Just Made Its Worst Commercial in A Long Time


The comments on AdWeek's Ad of the Day review of Old Navy's new Chandelier-created ad featuring MADtv comic Debra Wilson sum it up perfectly.

"Interesting. I didn't laugh once. Nevertheless, I think this actually COULD be funny if they cut it to a :30 and simplify by focusing on the fake wand sounds gag. That's the only comedic idea I see here. The rest of this spot is just trying way too hard."

"Meh. You can tell the client added the ending."

"Reno 911 stereotype transferred to TSA situation, and realized as a SNL sketch. Sure why not the jeans are only $19."

"REEEEAAAAALLLLLYY could've done without the circus music at the end."

Conversely, AdWeek's Tim Nudd says, "Old Navy just made its best commercial in a long time."

We beg to differ. It's just not funny. In fact, it's really, really creepy. Having your ass ogled by a TSA agent? Yea, it's supposed to be a joke but, again, it's not funny. And the ending is just plain stupid.

by Steve Hall    Feb-20-14   Click to Comment   
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