Yes, Nissan Did Deliver a Versa Note Inside A Giant Amazon Box


You know what the best thing is about this week's delivery of a Nissan Versa Note in a gigantic Amazon box? You have heard the story, right? Yes, Nissan offered its Versa Note for sale on Amazon last Fall and promised to ship the vehicles in Amazon boxes. But back to the best thing about the delivery.

When AdWeek questioned Nissan Director of Interactive and Social Media Marketing Erich Marx about whether or not there might be a day all Nissans would be sold through Amazon, he answered,"No, I think this a really fun one-time execution. We have a great dealer network, and we want our dealers to be involved in the marketing and delivery of our cars. We certainly don't want to step on their toes."

So why is that funny? Because it isn't too hard to figure out just about every automotive manufacturer (and consumer) would love to see the day when car dealers were but mere tumbleweed collectors.

Of the stunt, though? Pretty cool.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla