Who Cares What Happens When This Yellow M&M Twerks


I'm not really sure I care what happens to Yellow M&M after watching this lame teaser for the brand's Super Bowl ad. I mean he gets shot with a sleep dart? Who cares? Is it like he's going to sleep through the brand's Super Bowl commercial? Because that certainly wouldn't be a surprise. Most brands are asleep at the wheel anyway when they serve up their Super Bowl crap.

After over 12 years "live blogging" and "live tweeting" and engaging in every other conceivable manner of Super Bowl ad obsession, it'd be nice to just hang back and actually watch the game. By the way, who's playing anyway?

Ah fuck it. I can't help it. I'll probably be live blogging the game just like every other ad critic out there. After all, what else am I going to do? Get drunk and hurl Bob Garfield-isms at the screen after each ad airs?

You know what I'd love though? One year, we should gather together Bob Garfield, Tim Nudd, Barbara Lippert, Stuart Elliott, Lewis Lazare, Aaron Taube, David Griner, Angela Natividad and me all in one room for an epic Super Bowl advertising gab-fest. Now that would be an event worth live tweeting.

by Steve Hall    Jan-23-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2014