Super Bowl, Puppy Bowl and More!


- In this promo for the NBC 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games, athletes are portrayed as superheroes. And when you think about it, they really are.

- According to a 2013 survey by Lab42, 39% of people prefer Super Bowl ads over the actual game, 64% said that more than half their game related conversations the next day revolve around the commercials, and 69% have re-watched a Superbowl commercial online. So play Big Game Bingo while you watch the ads.

- Coke is out with one of its Super bowl ads. Created by Wieden + Kennedy, it's entitled Going All the Way and features a boy who ends up with the ball during a football game...and really does go all the way!

- Leveraging kids to pimp your Lean Cuisine diet is, in a word, despicable. Kids shouldn't be burdened with obsessing over what they eat. That's a parent's job. For shame, JWT New York!

- Haven't seen Hyundai's two Super Bowl spots yet? Well here they are. Created by Innoecean, there's Dad's Sixth Sense and Nice. Dad's Sixth Sense is pretty aewsome. Nice is, well, nice.

- And we wonder why Americans are fat. These Taco Bell XXL Steak Nachos are OK for Kevin Love but they are way too much for you.

- And then there's the Puppy Bowl.

- To mark the 15th anniversary of Sony PlayStation's Gran Turismo, the brand has launched a feature length documentary film on the iconic game.

- Saatchi & Saatchi Norway is out with a case study of its work for Toyota entitled Try My Hybrid which which urged Toyota owners to become brand ambassadors for the manufacturer's hybrid vehicles.

- Sometimes you need some time away from the kids. Usually that comes when you go to Days Inn for a Bizcation. Work from Toronto-based Giants & Gentlemen.

- Oh and here's Morpheus in Kia's Super Bowl teaser ad from David&Goliath.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-14   Click to Comment   
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