Free Agent Tim Tebow Hypes Freedom From Contracts in T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad


Oh it was a match made in heaven. Apparently. Free agent football player Tim Tebow hooked up with T-Mobile for two Super Bowl commercials hyping the brands contract free offering.

In the ads, we experience all the wonderful things Tim's done without a contract: deliver babies, tackle Sasquatch, save the whales, bring world peace, ride a bull, don a mustache and do his own movie stunts, save puppies and stand in for KISS.

It's all to illustrate how awesome life can be without cell phone contracts. But, really, T-Mobile, how often does the average cell phone user want to change plans? And I'm not talking about the vocal minority. I'm talking about the settled masses.

You're not Verizon and you're not AT&T. But we will hand it to you for spending $8 million on your Super Bowl ads. Hope it works out for you.

And Tim Tebow? Really? We miss Carly Foulkes. Can we please have Carly back? Or even that speed-talking cheerleader?

by Steve Hall    Jan-31-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2014