Four Reasons Dogs Are Way More Amusing Than Humans


OK these are awesome! What's awesome? These Carmichael Lynch-created spots for Subaru, part of the brand's Dog Tested, Dog Approved campaign. In four spots, a family of four dogs, The Barkleys, re-enact typical human scenarios that happen to involved a car.

In, What's the Fuss About, it's all about barking at the mailman. In In the Dog House, it's all about wifey disliking hubby's adoration of a hot poodle crossing the street. In Teenagers, it's all about the goodnight kiss in the car until a parent appears in the window. And in Road Trip Convenience Store, it's all about doggy bathroom behavior.

We like the approach. These otherwise boring scenarios are made far more interesting because its dogs re-enacting simple human interactions. We might be bored with most human activity but we'll never tire of the antics dogs can provide.

by Steve Hall    Jan-17-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns