Colorado Restaurant Celebrates Pot Legalization With Paranoia-Reducing Pot Pairing Campaign


This week, Colorado restaurant chain Hapa Sushi in Boulder is celebrating the state's legalization of marijuana with a "weedy" print and in-restaurant ad campaign, Happy Legalization, created by TDA_Boulder.

The campaign consists of three ads, running in Colorado weeklies and monthlies. One of the ads, Pairing Menu, doubles as a hand-out menu. Another, Effective January, doubles as a table tent and as an in-restaurant poster.

The Pairing Menu ad, which is grouped not by reds and whites and roses but by Indicas, Sativas and Blends, suggests appropriate Hapa dishes for various varieties of pot. Spicy, Hawaiian style Pakalolo Shrimp, for example, is said to be an ideal accompaniment to a Pakistani Kush Indica.

The Ergonomically Designed ad touts the chain's pot-friendly paranoia-reducing ambience.

And the Effective January 1 ad describes the kind of dinner conversation that will now be deemed suitable to the venue. One ad begins "How cool their pets are and that fish would make cool pets but you would have to live in the ocean to hang out with them and this weed is really good and do you think pets like us as much as..."





by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-14   Click to Comment   
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