Four Ways to Differentiate Your Cold Beer From Every Other Cold Beer


We can imagine the the amount of head scratching that went on among Clemenger BBDO creatives after being briefed by Carlton on their new beer which is called...Carlton Cold. We're sure it was like, "Say what" Isn't all beer cold? How the hell are we going to differentiate this cold beer from every single other beer brand in the world?"

So what's a creative to do when tasked with marketing a product that's exactly the same as every other product in its category. Well you go for the stupid, the crazy, the weird, the odd. That's what you do. And Clemenger certainly achieved that with these four :15's they created for the brand.

Quirky situations such as a bartender whose fingernails are too long to serve a beer and another who does a bit more than just slide a beer down the bar to a customer are finished off with the in-your-face announcer close, "Colder. Bolder. Fresher."

by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns