Real Student Hides in College Recruitment Kiosk Delivering A Milder Version of Prankvertising


OK so this isn't quite prankvertising. Well, maybe it is but it's far more mild than what we've seen recently. And that's actually rather welcoming. This particular piece of work for Canada's Royal Roads University is less about scaring people and more about giving them the information they need in a way that's a bit more human than most marketing efforts.

The brand, with help from Cossette Vancouver, placed a kiosk in a mall and inside the kiosk it placed a real, live human being; a graduate of the university, Morgan Wescott, who was more than happy to share her experiences with anyone who pressed the "connect" button on the kiosk.

Sure, it's still a bit of a shock to see an actual person pop out of a kiosk but it's far less freaky than, say, a girl in a coffee shop who gets pissed off and decides to levitate a guy up the wall.

You've got to hand it to Morgan for standing in that tight space all day and keeping a smile on her face as people connect with her.

by Steve Hall    Nov-21-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla