Crazed Chucky Chases People With Knife in Latest Prankvertising Stunt


It would seen not everyone is willing to heed the advice of john St. which a couple of weeks ago released exFEARiential, a prank on the latest advertising trend, prankvertising. Just this past weekend, a Brazilian TV stunt/promotion for the movie Curse of Chucky had a guy dressed like Chucky crash out of the glass-encased bus shelter ad and chase people down the sidewalk while wielding a knife.

It's pretty much the same idea Thinkmodo had whenh it set that telekinetic actress loose in a New York City coffee shop to promote the movie Carrie.

Prankvertising is already a spoof of itself. We've debated its pros and cons and, as mentioned above, it's been hilariously spoofed. How long will the trend continue before it goes the way of the flash mob?

Likely, it will end because agencies and brands will tire of the trend long before the tactic loses its ability to scare people. After all, they still make horror movies even though most of them suck. Via.

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla, Outdoor, Promotions