GoDaddy to Drop Sexual Innuendo From Its Super Bowl Ads


For the first time in almost a decade, DoDaddy Super Bowl advertising will contain no risque innuendo. The domain registrar has promised to clean up its act, a promise that's been underway since DoDaddy hired Deutsch New York in mid-2012 and one that accelerated under new CEO Blake Irving who joined the company in January.

"The [new] Super Bowl ad strategy allows us to have fun and be edgy, and demonstrate how we help the little guy kick ass," Irving said. "2014 marks a new era for GoDaddy Super Bowl commercials." Creative details have not yet been shared.

Of the shift, Chief Marketing Officer Barb Rechterman said, "We've matured. We've evolved." Does that sound like an insult to Bob Parsons? We'll leave it to you to interpret anyway you like. Rechterman added, "Our new brand of Super Bowl commercials will make it crystal clear what we do and who we stand for. We may be changing our approach, but as we've always said, we don't care what the critics think. We are all about our customers."

GoDaddy will air two commercial during the Super Bowl, one of which will feature Danica Patrick. It will be her 13th appearance in a Super Bowl ad.

Of her participation, Patrick said, "I love what's going on at GoDaddy. Since our last Super Bowl, I've been to the new Silicon Valley office and talked with customers who are genuinely grateful for how GoDaddy helps them grow their businesses online. GoDaddy is for the go getter, the 'little guy' looking to compete with the 'big guys' and I love that."

Apparently, the new direction comes from "extensive research, customer segmentation analysis, customer surveys and employee input from every corner of the company."

The net? No wardrobe malfunctions. Not hot models sucking face with geeks. No painting hot models with body paint. No stripping lessons. No bimbos with huge, fake breasts stuffed into bursting tank tops. No boys dreaming of hot angels dancing in the clouds. No beaver references. No hot, headless body doubles that turn out to be Joan Rivers. Nope. Just good, clean domain name fun.

On and there's this. Believe it or not, we, yes, Adrants, called for an end to GoDaddy's sexually-laced advertising in an open letter to Bob Parsons way back in 2007.

by Steve Hall    Oct-31-13   Click to Comment   
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