Ladies, Be Sure to Wax Before You Wear A Bikini And Pumps in New York City


We've written about the European Wax Center before. And you've probably seen their ads on busses in and around New York City. They're easily recognizable since it's hard to miss gigantic ass cheeks protruding out from under the shortest short shorts you have likely ever seen.

The Strawberry Frog-created campaign continues with a new bus sides and outdoor posters that touts the importance of a a good bikini wax. One version of the ad, which features a woman in a blue bikini bottom wearing pumps which are pressed against her inner thigh, carries the headline, "More Ooh La La's on the Sidewalks and Catwalks.

While we're pretty sure we're not going to see -- although we'd love to -- a woman walking down the sidewalk in New York wearing a tiny blue bikini and heels, we get the message; the only hair anyone wants to see is the hair on your head.


by Steve Hall    Sep-13-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor, Racy