George Takei Teams With AARP For Video Series


George Takei, perhaps more famous now for his social media wit than for his role on Star Trek, has teamed with AARP for a video series which aims to provide older Americans with interesting and educational technology-focus content. AARP says the series, called Takei's Take,"takes a smart, funny, irreverent look at what is happening in the world of the Internet and how it infiltrates our lives."

Takei's first episode focuses on Google Glass and is filled with all the usual trash talk about the product but also adds in some actual product benefits. The videos are produced by Fullscreen and Portal A.

Of the partnership with Takei, AARP VP of Social Communications and Strategy Tammy Gordon said, "Takei has a personality and following beyond AARP. What we love about his Facebook page was this idea that on a daily basis, he captures what's going on in technology and the world in his voice."

Since launching September 17, the AARP Takei's Take channel now has 22,225 subscribers.

by Steve Hall    Sep-19-13   Click to Comment   
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