Women Drool For Huge Celebrity Packages in Benefit Cosmetics Ad


In a new Benefit Cosmetics video entitled Real Men Don't Fake It, a collection of men proudly flaunt their packages for the ladies. And while each of the men proudly flaunt their bulging manhood, the ladies become increasingly eager. Except what they are eager for is something entirely other than what you might expect.

As the women ogle the men's packages -- which seem to grow in size as the video progresses -- the men reach into their pants as if to offer up their porn star-sized members to the excited ladies. Except what they ultimately offer is humorous commentary on what women truly find exciting.

The campaign, created by Portal A and which debuts today, promotes the brand's They're Real line of mascara.

Of the approach, Benefit Cosmetics Director of Marketing Claudia Allwood (now there's a double entendre if ever there was one) told Mashable,"We wanted to find a clever way to play on real vs. fake double entendre. It's irreverent and cheeky, so overt you can't possibly take it seriously."

The men in the ad, which will be promoted through social channels as well as a paid integration on Reddit, include Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino, actor/rapper Simon Rex.

In the past, the brand has enticed consumers with a "Temptation Telephone" phone booth in London as well as unleashed Chelsea Lately writer Sarah Colonna (dressed as a police officer) on unsuspecting passersby chastising them for their less than adequate facial make up.

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