New Tool Promises Real-Time Analytics For Paid Social Campaigns


Self-anointed "real-time marketing platform for agencies and brands" SHIFT has announced the SHIFT Media Analyzer, an analytics tool for social advertisers. SHIFT Media Analyzer is said to enable marketers to analyze paid media campaigns across various brands at a global scale - all within a single dashboard.

SHIFT Media Analyzer provides analysis per campaign, as well as per creative, regardless of which tool or application was used to build the campaign. With real-time analytics, the offering promises marketers the insight they need to determine which campaigns are driving conversions which should help marketers maximize their social ROI.

The SHIFT Media Analyzer features:

- Real-time Visuals: Interactive charts and graphs enable marketers to easily hone in on specific campaigns and identify which ad creative is driving the highest engagement.

- Campaign Analytics: Visualizations make it simple to spot anomalies in any campaign, ad, and targeting performance; allowing advertisers to focus efforts on initiatives that have the most impact.

- Timeline Analysis: Monitor campaign performance indicators over time, as detailed as down to a specific day.

- Keyword Analysis: Find which keywords are working and which are underperforming to take action in real time.

-Collaboration & Sharing: With one click, charts and graphs can be downloaded and shared with team members inside and outside of the SHIFT platform.

by Steve Hall    Aug-22-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Tools