Social Media Causes Low Self Esteem Among Teenage Girls


- A new study finds too much social media usage causes low self esteem in teenaged girls? How about in us grownups who can't stand reading about the latest and greatest accomplishments of their peers?

- Joe Jaffe's Evol8tion has acquired Bob Knorpp's Beancast podcast. Bob will continue the podcast and become SVP Chief Analyst of Evol8tion's BrandWatch product.

- A grounded viewpoint on inbound marketing that doesn't trash inbound marketing.

- This is just funny. To promote the 2013 Wiener Nationals (a dog race), Orange County-based DGWB shot a promo using GoPro cameras.

- Chloe Hilfiger goes to college in the new Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign.

- If Tanay Jackson, daughter of Tito and niece of Michale endorse your company, that's kind of awesome, right?

by Steve Hall    Jul-23-13   Click to Comment   
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