Loren Feldman Creates the Best Movie About Social Media You Will Ever See


Considered by many...and by no one...a genius, a madman, a poet, a puppeteer and, yes, an internet douchebag, Loren Feldman has just debuted #SoMe, a biting satire which skewers the rampant, over blown, buzzword bingo-laden idiocy of social media, its personalities and, as well, how it has brought out the pettiest of behaviors in people and caused journalism to sink to a new low.

At the same time, the hour and 15-minute documentary-style video also examines some of the things social media has forever affected (both positively and negatively) such as the way we communicate with each other, authenticity, privacy, anonymity, friendship and purpose.

Those last two changes, friendship and purpose, are, perhaps, the most important things social media has changed and you will understand why when you learn the plot of the movie. Real friends in real life are what's important, what's lasting and what matters.

While social media has enabled people to "get closer" to one another and, yes, with brands, it has also fostered an incredible degree of loneliness. After all, to deeply engage in social media, one has to be staring at a screen and when one is staring at a screen, one is not interacting with the world around them.

The next time you leave your house for any reason, force yourself to avert your eyes from your phone and notice how many people are ignoring the world around them to "socialize" with "friends" online. It's like we've turned into a bunch of robots who are slave to our devices and have lost all ability to interact with actual, flesh and blood humans.

Think about that the next time you try to "create a relationship" between your brand and your customers. Are you just counting Likes or are you actually offering up something meaningful that does, indeed, truly create a lasting relationship.

by Steve Hall    Jul-18-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Social, Video