Japanese Girls Expose Thighs, Sell Stuff to Drooling Guys


We've seen this Thigh-vertising thing before. But it was more of a one-off (and likely fake) so we thank B.L. Ochman for bringing this latest iteration of Thigh-vertising to our attention.

Japanese PR firm Wit Inc. launched a program allowing brands to place ads on the thighs of Japanese women for $121 per day. Over 3,000 women signed up and agreed to allow horny men to stare at their legs as they go about their day. The program, which rolled out earlier this year, has included promotions for the movie Ted and the band Green Day.

Women wishing to be lasciviously stared at all day long must be over 18, have at least 20 friends on social media, take pictures of themselves wearing the ads and are told to wear miniskirts and long socks so as to focus the drooling eyeballs in the thigh region.

Confirming the fact all everyone thinks about all day long is sex, Wit Inc. CEO Hidenori Atsumi said,"It's an absolutely perfect place to put an advertisement, as this is what guys are eager to look at and girls are eager to expose."

by Steve Hall    Jul-30-13   Click to Comment   
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