Following Verdict, 'Trayvoning' Hits Social Media Again


Leading up to the Zimmerman verdict last Friday, Trayvoning, or the act of photographing oneself in the position of slain teen Trayvon Martin hit a fever pitch across social media. Much like planking, Tebowing or Kaepernicking but lacking any sense or humor, wit or modicum of sensitivity, Trayvoning initially appeared last year just after the crime was committed.

Images, which insensitively mock the 17-year-old's death, depict mostly white teens laying on the ground wearing a hoodie and holding a can of iced tea in one hand and a bag of Skittles in the other.

Various Facebook pages, such as this one, have popped up featuring many versions of Travoning along with commentary decrying the practice.

Planking was fun. This is not. Of the recent rebirth of Traynoning, Greater Scramento Urban League President james Shelby told Fox 40, "It hurts me, and it's not my son. We need more conversations in homes about how we can all get along better. In turn, our kids are educated in things we shouldn't do."

by Steve Hall    Jul-15-13   Click to Comment   
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