YouShouldTotallyMeet App Makes Online Dating Simpler


Online dating sucks. We hear that a lot. A group of four Toronto-based friends have developed YouShouldTotallyMeet, a Facebook app that uses the power of the network's connections (with help from a wing man) to ease the process of finding the perfect mate.

The app works on the idea that trusted friends know people's best - their likes, dislikes, motivations, hobbies, and such. They're the ones who will help people find success in the dating world, rather than some dating algorithm.

The whole process starts when you build a profile for someone you want to set up. By doing this you automatically become their wingman (or wingwoman). This is someone who knows what qualities your friend is looking for and can match them up. Then you write some reasons why someone should totally meet this awesome person and get mutual friends to vouch for how fantastic they are.

This is part of the "pre-screening process". YouShouldTotallyMeet allows the person who is being set up to see what their friend, and friends of friends, have said about their potential match. The thinking here is that a friend's opinion is more valuable than what someone writes in their own dating profile - which is usually exaggerated anyway. It provides a real and honest sense of who this person is you're about to chat with, or potentially meet for a date.

After you finish creating your friend's profile, you go through your friend list and start finding people they should totally meet. An introduction is made by a single click. Sounds awesome.

by Steve Hall    May- 8-13   Click to Comment   
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