Terry Crews 'Births' Freakishly Ripped Baby!


In yet another freakishly wacky Old Spice commercial entitled Baby, Terry Crews can be seen marveling at how Old Spice's new shaving gel is "newer than a fresh pair of socks" ... that talk ... about how Old Spice shaving gel is newer than a new jersey, newer than a new mouse, newer than a new waffle iron, newer than new solar panels ... and newer than ... Terry Crews' son. Say what? Look at that baby! Freaky! And kind of funny.

The new commercial is accompanied by another equally odd commercial that has Crews climbing out of a guy's beard in a hospital bed. Yea, we know.

All this oddity coincides with a YouTube masthead takeover today that includes an interactive version of the Baby ad and asks visitors to suggest other things that might be newer than the shaving gel. Suggestions take users to various pages based upon what they typed in.

But what we really want are a set of reaction videos like the ones that featured Isaiah Mustafa.

by Steve Hall    May-14-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Strange