It Takes More Than A 'Like' to Prevent Murder in Puerto Rico


A YouTube campaign created by DDB Latina Puerto Rico for at-risk youth program Jovenes de Puerto Rico en Riesgo aims, like other brands have, to illustrate social media "likes" do not solve real world problems. In one video, we see a couple of boys get into an argument over a blocked jump shot. One boy grabs a gun and points it at the other. The viewer is supposed to click a "like" button to stop the shooting. This, of course, does not work and the boy gets shot.

n another video, a girl gets bullied by two school mates and, unless the viewer clicks "like" (which, of course, doesn't work), the girl will drop out of school. Both videos and with a URL (an unclickable one, no less) that points to the organizations's website.

The campaign, in general, does a nice job reminding viewers that actual action is usually needed over the simple expression of "yea, I'm for that."

by Steve Hall    May-30-13   Click to Comment   
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