Here's One Way to Avoid A Social Media Kerfuffle


"Topsy not only helps me understand what the most influential people are saying, but also allows me to determine who my clients should engage with and when, and which words they should choose to assure they knock their messages out of the park. No joke, choosing the right 140 characters keeps my clients in movies, at the top of the charts, on Wheaties boxes and off of TMZ."

No offense to Topsy (which humorously sounds like a nickname for a top heavy girl) but it's quotes like this that make us want to pack it in, rob a bank, head to a remote island in the South Pacific and live a life free of social media bullshit.

This quote comes from a release in which Topsy is touting its new Topsy Pro engagement features which allow brands to spot trends, track sentiment and identify key influencers and react...IN REAL PR crisis and customer service issues as well as "amplify ad and marketing campaigns."

We're sure the product is great so don't let the fact we have a bee in our bonnet over the state of social media get you down.

by Steve Hall    May- 7-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Tools