5 Iconic Ad Campaigns Reimagined


Oh have we got something fun for you! It's a little bit Mad Men and a little bit Google Glass. What would happen if iconic ad campaigns like VW's Think Small, Clairol's Does She or Doesn't She, Keep America Beautiful's Crying Indian, Wendy's Where's the Beef and Brooke Shield's sexually-suggestive Calvin Klein campaigns were to play out today?

Working with HubSpot's Shannon Johnson, I co-authored a report entitled Traditional Turned Inbound: Re-imagining 5 Iconic Ad Campaigns From the Past. But first, let's be honest. While I came up with the five campaigns, reached out to the industry for comment and took a stab and re-imagining the campaigns, it was the brilliant Shannon Johnson who brought this report to life with uber-intelligent insight on how these iconic campaigns from yesteryear would play out in today's very different media landscape.

In addition to commentary from Shannon and I, you will hear from super-intelligent industry folks including The Perlorian Brothers, 360i Director of Emerging Media David Berkowitz, Tattoo Projects Creative Director Buffy McCoy Kelly and School of Thought Co-Founder Tom Geary.

The report is a beautiful marriage between yesterday's "big idea" approach to marketing and today's socially-focused, data-driven approach.

Download the report now and find out what it might be like if Don Draper were creating ad campaigns today.

by Steve Hall    May- 6-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Research