Samsung Super Bowl Ad Pokes Fun at Psy, Talking Babies, Crowdsourcing


Last Thursday, Samsung released the one minute teaser to its two minute Super Bowl ad. Today, the brand released the finished two minute version. The ad, which features Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd and Bob Odenkirk, is a brilliant riff on current advertising tactics with specific callouts to the over use of Psy, sending people into space ala Axe, talking babies, crowdsourcing...and even celebrity endorsement by LeBron James who makes an appearance on a Samgsung tablet.

The ad is witty, engaging and intriguingly watchable. However, that may be due to its inside baseball strategy. While everything has become meta, some of the references made in the commercial may not be fully grasped by "regular" people. That said, we like the strategy and think the ad is well done.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 3-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Super Bowl 2013