How Oakland A's-Style MoneyBall Can Improve Your Marketing Collateral Content


Brad Pitt would love this! Just like Brad did in the movie Moneyball, KnowledgeTree says it's time to start taking a different approach to sales and marketing content. Every piece of collateral content that marketing produces and sales uses contains data that is influenced not only by the contents of the collateral but by the approach taken during the sales process.

Moneyball Managers, as KnowledgeTree likes to call managers, must know how match-ups play out. Do case studies generate more interest than white papers? Does an ROI calculator really have any value? Do banks respond to case studies about insurance companies? Understanding this kind of data lets sales and marketing teams match-up their best content with different customers - and get more pipeline.

This data enables the Moneyball Manager to identify what collateral works based on defined criteria and historical data. Marketing is then able to refine collateral so that it stays relevant, not only for the prospect, but for Sales.

Download this report now and learn how KnowledgeTree can help your company use and improve your collateral. Sales teams get collateral that closes deals. Managers identify what's effective. And Marketing makes collateral that drives more sales. Win, win, right?

by Steve Hall    Feb-28-13   Click to Comment   
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