Grey Poupon Revitis Iconic 'Pardon Me' Campaign


Thirty-two years after the original spot aired, Grey Poupon Mustard is bringing back the iconic "Pardon Me" campaign. A new TV spot, which will air during The Oscars, picks up right where the original 1981 commercial left off, showing what happened after the Grey Poupon was shared with the other distinguished gentleman.

The :30, titled The Chase, was created by CP+B and features a collection of craziness including a car chases, flying champagne corks and caviar car slicks, which ensue after the Grey Poupon jar is shared. The spot itself is a teaser for an extended version which will be available online at following the teaser's premiere during The Oscars.

Designed to look 32 years old, the spot uses what is made to look like "lost footage" from the original "Pardon Me" shoot, and shows the original spot didn't end with the two gentlemen simply driving away.

The extended spot will include clickable "Haute Spots" where viewers can click hidden spots within the video to reveal and win props featured in the TV spot such as caviar, champagne flutes and tokens made from the luxury cars. Fans of the brand's "Society of Good Taste" Facebook page, which famously removed fans if they didin't have "good taste," will be able to have an exclusive screening to the new spot prior to its premiere.

by Steve Hall    Feb-20-13   Click to Comment   
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