Chocolate Brand Lacta Launches Feature Length Film


Once again, Greece chocolate brand Lacta, which has become known as a symbol of "the sweetness of love" is out with another stellar piece of content marketing. This time it's a full blown movie that tells the story of three couples who meet, face challenges and, in the end, find happiness. Or so we hope. The full length movie won't be released until Valentine's Day.

Over the years, Lacta has aligned itself with love telling story after story of people finding each other and falling in love. Now that might sound cheesy but it's not. The campaign, created by OgilvyOne Athens is meticulously created and guess what, it works.

The campaign's most recent work, a film called Love in the End, pulled in some impressive numbers.

- 17% of the Greek internet population viewed the original short.
- When broadcast on TV, the short garnered 18% viewership.
- A video posted by one of the characters received 300,000 views.
- The film's song climbed to the number two slot on the Greek iTunes chart.
- Lacta is the number one Facebook fan page in Greece.

Did it sell any chocolate? In the end we will find out but we can tell you that a past campaign in Q1 of 2011 increased sales 9% amidst an 8% category drop.

Update: Last night (2/14/13) the film had the biggest opening night for any Greek movie in the last 5 years, with more than 75% of the all movie tickets being sold.

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