Bar Refaeli Sucks Face With Geek in GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad


Continuing its Sexy Meets Smart approach to domain hosting, GoDaddy is out with Perfect Match, its second Super Bowl commercial for this year. In the ad, Walter, aka actor Jessie Heiman, gets to kiss supermodel Bar Refaeli...45 times! Well, only once in the actual ad but apparently the two took a while to get the kiss right and locked lips 45 times in all.

The pair are introduced by the very leggy-looking GoDaddy Girl Danica Patrick who explains the sexy side of GoDaddy as represented by Refaeli and the smart side is represented by Walter. Hmm, nothing like blatantly objectifying Refaeli.

Then again, there's always room for both sexy and smart. And, of course, it was quite smart of Refaeli to profit from her sexiness in this gig. After all, who doesn't want some cold, hard cash? Even if you're trading on your looks to get it?

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2013