Speed Stick Saves Guy From 'I'd Fold Your Panties Any Day' Embarressment


For its first-ever Super Bowl outing, Speed Stick will tackle the proverbial awkward laundromat encounter with the hot chick. Aligning with its protective promise that Speed Stick will only allow guys to sweat on the inside when in awkward situations, we see an impatient guy take a woman's laundry out of the drier so he can put his in.

Of course, there's a pair of tiny yellow panties atop the pile which falls to the floor. When he stands after picking them up, his eyes...and the camera...slide up the body of an attractive woman who asks, "What are you doing?"

That's when Mr. Voiceover steps in and says, "Seating on the inside? Handle it on the outside!" Cue product power shot.

Of course, our suave (and Speed Stick protected) gentleman does, indeed, Handle It.

Speed Stick launched the Handle It campaign in 2012 on digital, social and traditional channels with an effort to engage with guys on Twitter using a contest to find the best Handle It moments. A man named Brian Katz won and his tweet inspired David Brashear, from the Tongal crowd source video community, to produce this commercial.

by Steve Hall    Jan-30-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Super Bowl 2013