Do Target's New Ads Misogynistically Objectify Women?


Just what the hell is this new Mono-created Target ad attempting to convey?

Climbing a ladder in heels is difficult? Women are "challenged" by ladder climbing? Life throws many curve balls in a woman's path? Women don't know how to screw and unscrew a light bulb?

And how about the rest of the ads in the series?

Opening a jar of pickles, squeezing an orange and making Moist Supreme (yea, we got that) muffins and cake are akin to having a gigantic squirting orgasm? Pregnant women are demanding little bitches who binge eat unless they take prenatal multi-vitamins? Doing laundry is like blissfully floating in the clouds? Cooking meat will make you a sexy matador? Only sexy cowgirls can change a diaper? Oatmeal needs to be prepared with yet another orgasmic allegory; a fire hose?

The approach, which aims to - and humorously achieves in some respects - parody fashion advertising, simply reinforces long-held stereotypes many would like to see eradicated.

One YouTube commenter wrote, "What I find so troubling is that it isn't only one ad that Target has´╗┐ created in this misogynistic fashion. It is at least five of them! All of them aired during the Golden Globes - which means millions of viewers at once. This is the beginning of 2013 and the message for women is that they must conform to their outmoded gender roles - and do so beautifully! Does anyone else see the trend here?

What do you think? Frivolous faux fashion folly? Or yet another perpetuation of misogynistic stereotypes?

by Steve Hall    Jan-17-13   Click to Comment   
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