'Deserve to Die' Posters Part of Lung Cancer Alliance Campaign


Last week a mysterious teaser campaign began to appear on outdoor media across the nation. The campaign made statements such as "The Genetically Privileged Deserve to Die, "Cat Lovers Deserve to Die, "Crazy Old Aunts Deserve to Die, "Hipsters Deserve to Die, "The Tattooed Deserve to Die" and others.

Many were not pleased with the campaign's sentiment with some ripping down the posters and one man telling CBS Chicago, "Nobody deserves to die; come on, that's a hell of a statement."

The campaign, which this week was revealed to be from the Lung Cancer Alliance, includes a website on which copy reads, "Every year over 160,000 lives are lost to a deadly disease. They didn't ask for it, but many people seem to think they deserved it. This disease doesn't discriminate. It affects almost all of us and it's showing no signs of slowing down. So what is the killer? You'll find out soon enough."

A clock counted down the days until the campaign would be revealed. Does this campaign offend? Or is it just another pointed attempt at achieving attention, notoriety and press?






by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-13   Click to Comment   
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