Ad Banned For Claiming Cream Will Make Your Ass Look Like Mila Kunis'


An ad for Rodial body cream featuring Mila Kunis was banned by the UK's Advertising Standards authority for claiming its cream will provide a "body to die for." The ad, which took the form of an email, featured Mila Kunis from a recent Esquire shoot. In the ad, Kunis can be seen standing against a wall in her underwear. The headline reads, "Get a body to die for with 50% off body sculpture for 24 hours."

Body copy read, in part, "Get Mila Kunis' Esquire look with this intensive formula that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite fast."

The Advertising Standards Authority, upon receiving complaints the ad was misleading and the cream couldn't possibly give a person the figure of Mila Kunis and upon reviewing information provided by Rodial regarding the product's ingredients, said claims were not "robust" enough to stand up to scrutiny.

In a statement, the ASA said, "Because robust evidence was not presented to demonstrate the implied efficacy claims for the product or that Mila Kunis had achieved the look featured in the photo as a result of using the product, we concluded that the ad was misleading."

by Steve Hall    Jan-17-13   Click to Comment   
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