'Twignature' Collects Signatures For Amnesty International


With help from BMF Melbourne, Amnesty International has developed a new method to collect signatures. Called, Twignature, The user names of Twitter users who retweet an Amnesty International petition message are automatically converted to signatures and added to the petition.

The first example of this work is for an Amnesty International petition that calls for the Brazilian government to protect environmentalist Laisa Santos Sampaio.

Of the work, BMF Melbourne CD David Klein said, "Twignature doesn't just give Amnesty International an easier way to create a petition, it means it's even easier for us to show our support. We believe Twignature will help in their efforts to protect human rights across the globe."

Hmm. Just make sure you don't inadvertently retweet something you don't actually support.

by Steve Hall    Dec-11-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Social