Should the Creative Process be Democratized Across an Agency?


At Central Desktop's Collabosphere 2012, the topic of democratizing the creative process was discussed. The heart of the conversation centered on whether or not (and how much of) the creative process should or should not be extended outside the department.

While there was general consensus for agency-wide collaboration at the outset of the creative process (ie. a good idea can come from anywhere), in the end, one entity (the creative department) has to turn a good idea into a workable idea

Expanding upon that thought, Javelin Technology Director Rachel DeFriend said, "I think creative is a department for a reason. We can all be creative and offer up awesome ideas and I think different perspectives help inspire a creative team and the creative process; I love to bombard them in their brainstorming sessions. But I think creative consistently has to deliver a solution and pull in the people they think they need to pull in, but opening it up to the entire agency as a whole, I think it could create some mediocrity."

Check out the rest of the discussion here.

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Opinion