Our Agency 'Holiday Card' Roundup


Here's a quick summary of what we've seen so far from some agencies. We're sure there will be more to follow this week.

- Austin-based GSD&M is celebrating the holidays with a Sweater Soiree. Check out the agency's collection of client-inspired holiday sweaters. You can vote on your favorite sweater. The sweater with the most votes gets placed on a Frosty the Snowman in the agency's lobby.

- The Sydney office of VML has released their 2012 digital Christmas card, titled Reindeer Races, a real-world interactive race between four of Santa's reindeer, streamed live via webcam and played online. The game allows users to take control of a reindeer on a real-life Christmas-themed track, using their keyboard to control its speed while they race against three of their Facebook friends, or computer-controlled 'bots'.

- Brisbane creative agencies JSA and Smoke Creative have collaborated on an interactive online video experience for the festive season which paints an irreverent vision of Christmas featuring seedy hacker elves, contraband candy and shady backstreet deals.

- Baltimore-based Planit created Holidares, a website which gives visitors a chance to build daily dares that pit Planiteers against each other in a number of holiday-themed stunts. For example, visitors could vote to watch Planit staff endure a game of Twister WHILE dressed as Santa's elves WHILE barking to the tune of Jingle Bells. Every one of these six outrageous stunts will be captured on video and shared on the website as proof that Planit's staff lives up to each challenge.

- With the Mayan Calendar predicting an eminent galactic alignment signifying the possible end of days, Traction has created Apocalymas: a 12 day counting down to the end of the world... or maybe not.

- For its holiday shenanigans, Cutwater decided to merge its holiday party and Christmas cards. The result? Cutwater Kissmas Party, a method way to spread some holiday cheer among clients and friends. The site brings the idea of virtual mistletoe, where visitors can smooch and be smooched by strangers using Instagram. By simply hashtagging an image #leftkiss or #rightkiss, people are paired at random.

- Hart is looking for the most obnoxious holiday sweater. The agency wants you to search the web for the craziest holiday sweater ever woven or the worst holiday present you've ever seen. You are then asked to upload the image. Judges will narrow it down to their three favorites in the two categories, then online voters will decide 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Upload yours first and fast, as duplicate entries will not count.

- This year, instead of spending all of their fourth quarter earnings on extravagant gifts for their clients, Lowe Roche has decided to pledge their support to those less fortunate. Their interns. And they'd love your help.

- And then there's Floyd Hayes. Help the guy out!

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