Five Tips For Holiday Networking


This article is written by Aquent's Mollie Nothnagel who helps brands and agencies find the talent they need to get the job done.

Networking during the holidays is the perfect time for advertising and marketing job seekers to put their creative minds to use. Whether it's a networking event, an informal meet-up or a holiday party, job seekers are presented with many opportunities to expand their network.

Communicating effectively with a cheery and bright spirit will help broaden the scope of professional networks for the upcoming year. For some extra holiday advice to all advertising professionals, the staffing experts at Aquent have provided a list of the dos and don'ts of holiday networking.

- Do bring a creative business card. Show off your digital skills with a creative business card that will leave an impression.

- Don't forget to keep online profiles active and your portfolio up to date - although meeting face-to-face is crucial, often times your online presence helps make a long-lasting impression.

- Don't force it. If someone mentions a possible job opportunity, ask for a business card.

- Do search for local industry events; tap local staffing agencies, advertising and marketing associations or networking sites for upcoming events around your city.

- Do prepare for the event; write out three to five questions that are substantial enough to spur conversation with new professional connections. Without forcing it, feel free to mention the most recent campaign or project you worked on. And don't forget to follow up with new contacts!

The holidays can easily become the best time of the year for networking as professionals look to continue the business relationships of 2012 and build connections for 2013. Use and build upon the above tips to strategically map out a plan of action during these holiday events.

by Steve Hall    Dec-19-12   Click to Comment   
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