Fallon Wants You to Check Your Balls...Uh...Bauballs


Exercising some of the finest bathroom humor only the ad industry can come up with, Fallon UK has has given us Bauballs, a holiday themed, double entendre-laden promotion for men's cancer charity Orchid.

Beginning this week, a limited number of bespoke, festive Bauballs, decorations that resemble...well...guy's balls, are available for purchase on the campaign's website. All the proceeds will go back to the charity which was set up to support efforts to cure testicular, prostate and penile cancer.

UPDATE: Seems there's another Bauballs effort.

The site also carries helpful advice for men and encourages them to check themselves regularly. If testicular cancer is spotted at an early stage, the site says there is about a 98 percent chance of cure.

The project has been endorsed by celebrities including Radio One DJs Nick Grimshaw and Greg James, Loose Woman Jane McDonald and Made In Chelsea star Andy Jordan who have all been photographed with their Bauballs, ready to hang on their Christmas trees.

by Steve Hall    Dec-13-12   Click to Comment   
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