GoDaddy Makes Pizza Slob Frank Sexy


GoDaddy is continuing it "sexy but not sexy" approach to advertising. The brand changed direction earlier this year when it selected Deutsch to focus on the more serious nature of GoDaddy's business. It did. But not without leaving behind the one thing always present in every GoDaddy ad since the famed Candice Michelle courtroom wardrobe malfunction: scantily-dressed hot chicks.

Along these lines, the brand is out with a new ad called Frank that works very hard at convincing us pizza slob Frank is just as sexy as, well, super sexy Naomi. And you know what? It sort of works. Wait, what? Did we just write that? Oh yes we did.

Sexy doesn't have to be limited to describing impossibly hot, drool-inducing women with perfect bodies. No. Not at all. Sexy can be a pizza shop with an online ordering system that works swiftly, smoothly and efficiently. And that'as just what this GoDaddy ad is going for.

by Steve Hall    Nov-15-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy