Ladies, You Need to Break Up With Your Bra


According to Indian lingerie brand Amante, eight out of ten woman wear the wrong bra size with most choosing a cup size that's too small and a band size that's too large. With that bit of knowledge coupled with the insight that, according to Amante, women are embarrassed to look at ads featuring scantily clad women in public, the brand has launched a very ?unsexy" campaign urging women to break up with their bras.

Of the approach, Amante CEO John Chiramel said, "This campaign has been carefully thought through, in not trying to objectify women, but more about dealing with the real issues and educating the consumer, so that they have an enjoyable experience wearing fine lingerie,"

The campaign consists of several posters which contain headlines such as, "Don't let anyone ruin your self confidence," "How much longer will you adjust," "Every woman deserves to be held right" and "Suffocation is the worst kind of abuse."

We have to admit, it's a nice approach that doesn't reduce women to two-legged creatures whose sole purpose is to carry around the largest pair of breasts possible.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 9-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns