'Yawn-vertising' Aims to Enlist PGA Golfers As BMW Brand Ambassadors


This weekend hoping to enlist PGA Tour golfers as brand ambassadors, BMW of North America, with help from Raleigh-based agency Baldwin& (no, that's not a typo), will affix posters above the beds in the Crooked Stick Golf Club in Carmel, IN that show the front grill and logo of the BMW M.

When golfers turn out the lights for the night, the vehicle's headlights will glow and a headline will appear. It reads, "Don't count sheep. Count RPMs" followed by copy which reads, "To reserve your spot at the BMW M driving experience, visit the BMW hospitality concierge."

If golfers turn on the and turn to the hotel's relaxation channel, they will be met by soothing sounds of the BMW M and an image of the car's dashboard along with a headline that reads, "You are now entering RPM sleep. This audio experience has been designed by BMW to help you fall asleep as fast as possible. Because Thursday is the players-only BMW Track Day. And yawning at 100 mph is not very aerodynamic. See you on the track."

Golfers who elect to attend BMW Track Day, will get to take an M car through a closed Indianapolis Motor Speedway racecourse.

The intention, of course, is to get these influential golfers into the vehicles so that, while they may not buy, they'll certainly regale the experience to their equally wealthy friends.



by Steve Hall    Sep- 7-12   Click to Comment   
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