Paddy Power Hires Jesus, Cravendale Cats Are Back


- There's nothing fake about Katy Perry's...Chips.

- Check out these NSFW ads for Spanish lingerie brand Jane Pain that aren't actually NSFW.

- Paddy Power has enlisted Jesus to help the brand launch in Italy.

- A McDonald's billboard targeting Hmong people in St. Louis got its grammar wrong.

- The Barbarian Group's Benjamin Palmer discusses the internet's biggest changes over the past ten years and what the future holds.

- Not really sure what's being sold here but the video does have three women in lingerie bouncing around on big jumpy balls.

- The Cravendale Cats are back. Wreaking havoc on milkmen.

- AMC celebrates reaching 10 million Facebook fans for The Walking Dead with gruesome graphic.

- The calendar for Advertising Week 2012 which occurs in NYC Oct 1-5 is available online today. This year brands including Twitter, Tumblr, Amazon, and Buzzfeed will take the stage along with interesting personalities such as Naomi Campbell, LA Reid and Frank Abignale (the inspiration behind "Catch Me if You Can") to discuss all things media, advertising and technology. Registration for the event can also be completed online at

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