Scorchingly Hot Squabbling Hotties Have Burger Sex For Carl's Jr.


Sort of like a sexed up version of the classic 1980's Reeses Peanut Butter Cups commercial, Carl's Jr. has delivered a couple of smoking hot barbecue babes appropriately clad in cleavage-enhancing halter tops, ass cheek revealing short shorts and stem-enhancing FM footwear to tout the marriage of pulled pork and hamburger.

In the ad, the two distractingly delicious ladies, each embodying the qualities of both the girl next door you want to introduce to your mother and the tantalizingly drool-worthy girl you want to slam up against the wall and...oh...sorry...back to the business at hand, tussle at the grill until their gyrations result in the "invention" of the Carl's Jr. Memphis BBQ Burger.

The two then engage in a sexualized version of interlinked feasting, the likes of which you will never witness anywhere in your life...unless you happen to be the two guys in the commercial who, dumfounded, raise their cameras just in time to capture the embrace.

Bonus: You have to love the ad's hashtag, #MeatEmbrace. Not to mention the "best pair" double entendre.

These two mesmerizing hometown hotties, thanks to Who is That Hot Ad Girl are Sara Jean Underwood (the blonde) and Emily Ratajkowski (the brunette). Sara is a former Playboy Playmate. She also acts and is a presenter on G4TV's "Attack Of The Show". A Tumblr fan site for Emily describes her as having "a body so impossible, it defies reality." We'd most definitely agree.

by Steve Hall    Aug-27-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy